Friday, May 11, 2007

The Basis For Training

The Basis For Training –
From the introductory chapter to Periodization: Theory & Methodology of Training
By Tudor Bompa. Published by Human Kinetics 1999.
Most scientific knowledge, whether from experience or research aims to understand and improve the effects of exercise on the body. Exercise is now the focus of sports science. Research from several sciences enriches the theory and methodology of training, which has become a science of its own. The athlete is the subject of the science of training. The athlete presents a vast source of information for the coach and sport scientist.

During training, the athlete reacts to various stimuli, some of which may be predicted more certainly than others. Physiology, biochemical, psychological, social and methodological information is collected from the training process. All this diverse information comes from the athlete and is produced by the training process. The coach who builds the training process, may not always be in a position to evaluate it. However he must evaluate all the feedback from the training process to understand the athletes reactivity to the quality of training and properly plan future programs. In light of this, it becomes clear that coaches require scientific assistance to ensure that they base their programs on objective evaluations.

Theory and methodology of training is a vast area. Closely observing the information available from each science will make coaches more proficient in their training endeavors. The principles of training are the foundation of this complex process. Knowing the training factors will clarify the role each factor plays in training, according to the characteristic of the sport or event

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