Friday, August 1, 2008

Becoming an Athletic Development Professional

Becoming an Athletic Development Professional
By Vern Gambetta
I have been contacted by several people that asked me for advice on what it takes to be an Athletic Development professional as they are looking to get into the field.

Passion – A genuine enthusiasm for what you do. Not just when there are crowds and on game day but everyday.

Experience – Train for several sports, coach several sports. There is no substitute for having to put your butt on the line on game day as player or a coach. This is essential. This does not mean you have to be a star, but at least participate.

Study and Observe - Get around great coaches. See how they work. See how they praise ands scold. Learn everything they do. I once followed a German track coach, Gerd Osenberg around for a week. I wrote down everything he did. I used to go to the 49ers training camp in the early seventies because they had a good linebacker coach. I still use some of those drills today!

Learn & Research – Read scientific journals, coaching journals, technical journals. Get away from the internet and go for straight facts. Study video.

Practice – Get proficient at the skills you must teach. Be able to capably demonstrate the movements. Know skill progressions and how to teach

Be Organized – Plan and have a contingency plan. Be on time and stay late.
Look the Part – Get fit, dress the part and dress appropriately.

Communication Skills - Sharpen them. Realize all the dimensions’ of communication.

Have a life – Take care of your family and reserve some time for yourself.

As a last thought remember it takes at least twenty years to nbe an overnight success.

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